Hair Screw Brass Bun Pin

One handmade brass bun screw hair pin
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Article number: CA007

Nearly every time someone lets us put one of these in their hair, it stays there and goes home with them. A truly plastic-free, heirloom quality way to keep your hair up and secure.

The bun screws you might be used to are smaller and usually require multiple for a secure hold. It is a very rare occasion that this device doesn't work on its own - we're talking a massive bun. The size of the pin and the strength of the brass hold your hair in place until you twist it free. The size of your bun will determine how much of the screw shows, but we dig it visible or hidden.

Dimensions: roughly 3.5" long

Materials: solid brass

Care Instructions: If the brass tarnishes beyond your liking, it can be brought back to full shine with any brass polish or buffed up with a DIY paste of vinegar, salt, and flour.

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