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rosie. candles

Beeswax, coconut wax, and essential oils come together to make the cleanest candle you've ever met. Oh, and they're handmade in Asheville.
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Article number: RO002

Contains one, 8 oz. scented candle in an amber glass jar.

From a health and sustainability perspective, scented candles are hard to get right. But rosie. candles does it. Beeswax and coconut wax are arguably the two most sustainable commercially available candle waxes. Not a phthalate in sight, these candles are entirely scented with essential oils. If done poorly, that often results in a candle that can't throw scent (that's candle speak for "get the smell of the candle to spread around the room") or is quite frankly a boring olfactory experience. Nothing could be further from the case here.

A bit more about each scent:

  • Forest Lull: Juniper and cedarwood essential oils make this candle smell like a walk between the evergreens.
  • December: This candle is named for the month with the shortest days, in which our bodies need a little more help staying warm. Together, geranium, cinnamon leaf, and cypress oils are known in traditional Chinese medicine to support our bodies' natural inclination to maintain heat. This candle is simultaneously floral, spicy, and herbaceous. We're hooked.
  • Lavender: Just lavender essential oils, because we try not to fix things that ain't broke.


Care & Use Instructions: These are 40-50 hour burn candles. This means that, if taken proper care of, you can get that much burn time out of them. We find that keeping the wicks trimmed and not leaving them lit for more than a couple hours at a time helps that effort. An important note about beeswax: more than most waxes, it has a memory. This means that the first burn is the imprint that guides every subsequent burn. For the first time you use these candles, be sure to give yourself at least 3 hours with the candle list, to ensure that the wax melts all the way to the edge of the jar. Doing this will allow you to use all of the wax in the candle. Waste not!

Made with: beeswax, coconut wax, essential oils, cotton wick


IN ASHEVILLE? If you're local or going to be in Asheville eventually, you can bring your jars back to us. We'll return them to the candlemaker and close the loop. We ask that you remove the wax remnants before you do so. The easiest way we know is to leave the candle in the freezer over the night. The wax will shrink and harden and the can be carefully popped out of the jar with a butter knife. 

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