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Chalo Necklace

Two elegant satin brass pendants. 26” Satin Hamilton Gold chain. 'Chalo' means 'Field' in Tumbuka, the native language of Manchewe Village, Malawi.
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Article number: YWN023

Made sustainably in Manchewe Village, Malawi.

Dimensions: 1.5" L x .75" W pendant on a 26" chain

Care Instructions:

Each brass Yewo piece has been coated with an anti-tarnish protective layer to delay the effects of tarnish on brass jewelry. With proper care, this coating can keep your Yewo items looking beautiful for years.

Avoid wearing your Yewo pieces in the shower, while swimming, spraying perfume, or using any cleaning products. When not wearing, keep your item in a safe place where it will not be scratched rubbed against rough textures, as this can wear away the protective coating. If your coating has been scratched or worn away, you can remove any tarnish spots with a brass cleaner such as Brasso.

Rehydrate wood pieces on your YEWO jewelry with olive oil or coconut oil.

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