Herbal Bath Soak
Herbal Bath Soak
Herbal Bath Soak
Herbal Bath Soak

Herbal Bath Soak

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A bath soak of your dreams to calm your muscles and nerves alike. Great as a gift to a friend or to yourself! 

Directions: Add 1/4 of the container to warm bath water and enjoy!

Lavender Bath Soak

Let the colloidal oatmeal soothe skin irritation while you relax in this lavender-hued detoxing and mineral-replenishing bath soak.

Ingredients: Australian Sea Salt, Brazillian purple clay, lavender, colloidal oatmeal, dendritic salt

Eucalyptus Bath Soak

Eucalyptus supports lung and sinus health, lemon soothes nerves, and aloe vera calms irritated skin. Put 'em together for a mineral-replenishing and nourishing green-hued bath soak.

Ingredients: Epsom salt, Sonoma Coast sea salt, French green clay, aloe vera leaf, eucalyptus, lemon, dendritic salt

Rosehip Bath Soak

A mineral-rich and pink-hued soak with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties!

Ingredients: Himalayan pink salt, epsom salt, French pink clay, rosehip, dendritic salt, orange, bergamot

Contents: 8oz. glass jar of bath soak product

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