Eco sponge biodegradable loofah
Eco sponge biodegradable loofah
Loofah Eco Sponges before and after
Eco sponge biodegradable loofah

Loofah Eco-Sponges

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A biodegradable loofah sponge for your kitchenor body! We love the gentleness of the plant material, and effective scrubbiness that the back of the loofah sponge provides. Check out that last picture to see how much each one expands! We also love that it can be fully compostedyou can even bury it in your yard or garden.

While these sponges are marketed for the kitchen, they are just as useful in the shower. In fact, they dry more quickly than a full loofah, so might be better for you if you struggle with a damp bathroom.

Use & Care Instructions: Rub loofah sponge on your dish block or pump liquid dish soap on the sponge and wash dishes as usual. It lathers up like an ordinary sponge, but without creating micro plastics that wash down the drain. Store in a way that the sponge can dry fully when not in use. You can sanitize the sponge by microwaving the damp sponge for 20 seconds, or dipping in boiling water. Sanitizing and cleaning your sponge can help extend its life.

A typical lifespan for these sponges is 3-4 months.