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Stainless steel lunch boxes in olive and orange
Stainless steel lunch box in orange
Stainless steel lunch box in olive
Stainless steel lunch box with divider

Stainless Steel Lunch Box

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A stainless steel, bento-style lunch box with a leakproof silicone gasket. This little piece is a workhorse. It has the health benefits of non-plastic food storage while still providing a flawless seal.

Use Instructions: To open the box, pop the little silicone stopper up (don't pull it out, though it can be reinsterted if you do), and then pull lid from container. The silicone belt is handy for holding the fork, but not necessary to keep the box shut. To close, press lid into box and push the silicone stopper down until it is flush with the lid. That creates a bit of a vacuum seal that does an amazing job of holding oil, water, and heavy foods in through all kinds of turbulence.

Dimensions: 7¾" L x 5½" W 2¼ " H

Care: It's oven-safe (without the lid), but should be hand washed for the sake of longevity. Honestly, it's probably fine in the dishwasher, but you didn't hear that from us.

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