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Stainless Steel Travel Cutlery Set

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We're big fans of this travel set of stainless steel utensils, right here. There is a pretty generous supply of reusable "to-go" cutlery in the world. Oddly, though, most lack the functionality of the flatware you have in your own kitchen. Enter our dream to-go utensils.

All three pieces nest comfortably within each other (we'll let you guess who the big spoon is) and fit snugly in their own carrying case that is compact and also washable. No need for floating dirty utensils in your bags or cars anymore. 

Fork: four thin lines and ergonomic curve that will lift more than one half-leaf of lettuce to your mouth.
Spoon: a generous scoop that actually holds liquids we were shocked, too.

Knife: hard to tell in the photo, but it is beveled and therefore actually cuts things and is a separate entity so that it can be used in conjunction with the fork. Call us old-fashioned, but that's a feature we appreciate.

Care: The entire set is dishwasher-safe. You're welcome.

Contents: One (1) carrying case, one (1) fork, one (1) spoon, one (1) knife, and a lot of happiness.

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