Magic Mushroom Face Mask
Zero waste face masks by Good Flower Farm.
Zero waste face masks by Good Flower Farm.

Botanical Face Masks

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Clay face masks with powerful, organic ingredients. 

  • Magic Mushroom
    • Powerful fungi friends chaga, maitake, and shiitake combine with cacao, turmeric, and rhassoul clay to form a face mask high in antioxidants, that can help boost collagen production while soothing skin and providing anti-inflammatory action. Basically, this mask does all the things your skin can dream of. 
    • Ingredients:  Rhassoul clay, *cacao powder, *chaga powder, *maitake powder, *shiitake powder,  *turmeric powder
  • Flowers & Rose
    • This brightening and hydrating mask is a botanical treat to purify, brighten, and moisturize skin. 
    • Ingredients:  Rose kaolin clay, *rosehips powder, *rose flower powder, *hibiscus flower powder, *calendula flower powder, *fenugreek seed powder, *aloe vera leaf powder
  • Matcha Lavender
    • This face mask is filled with organic botanicals to tone and restore skin. It helps cleanse & purify the skin of excess dirt left behind, while minimizing the appearance of pores and leaving skin feeling fresh.
    • Ingredients:  French green clay, *matcha powder, *lavender flower powder, *chamomile flower powder, + *neem leaf powder

 *Denotes organic ingredient.

Use Instructions for 1 Mask: Add hydrating agent (i.e.: warm water, your favorite hydrosol, aloe vera, green tea, etc.) to 1-2 tsp of mask mixture in separate bowl. To obtain creamy consistency, add avocado, yogurt, etc. Mix until smooth. Apply to clean skin + leave on until dry. Clean off with warm water. For best results, moisturize.

Contents: 1 ounce glass jar of product, yields approx. 6 masks.