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Wool Arch Rug

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A durable wool & jute blench arched rug, perfect for your door entryway, in front of the kitchen sink, at your bedside, and beyond. The wool comes from small family farms in New England, and is spun, braided, and sewn by hand into its final form in North Carolina, without the use of dyes or any harsh chemicals, therefore maintaining the natural color & beauty of the wool.

Materials: 72% Wool, 28% jute

This rug uses 100% East Coast Wool yarn which is then braided around a jute core for stability. The jute is all natural and sourced from deadstock, which would normally go to the landfill. All rugs are sewn with 100% cotton thread, for a fully natural and biodegradable product.

Dimensions: 27" x 35"

Care: This rug can be spot and/or steam-cleaned. In a pinch, you can also just turn it over (shoutout to reversible braided rugs!). Use a mild detergent diluted with water to spot clean stains, or this Dish Block which works wonders on rugs. Turn over your rug periodically to extend its life and evenly distribute wear. 

Please Note: The Marble and Granite variants are quite similar in color. The Marble has, well, a more marbled effect with distinguishable lighter and darker grey hues, while the Granite is more of a solid brownish grey. The variants from top to bottom in the last image are: Granite, Soft Grey, and Marble.

Want a rug with this aesthetic, but maybe way bigger and a different shape (or the same) ? We can help! (And have a 25'-long one in our shop that we LOVE.) Just shoot us an email to with the dimensions you're interested in, and we can get the conversation going.