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Compost Pail

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Been looking for a decidedly un-ugly countertop contraption for holding your compost between jaunts outside? Here ya go. These compost pails are made of a bamboo and cellulose polymer. They have a handy filter in the lid that allows the scraps to breathe, but the smell to stay in while the bugs stay out. Pairs nicely with a Compost Now subscription, speaking from experience.

Includes two (2) filters, which are good for 60-90 days, or until they don't seem to be keeping your kitchen smelling fresh anymore, depending on how much work you've got them doing. We've got Replacement Filters for when you need more. 

Materials: Post-industrial bamboo fiber and melamine

Dimensions:  7" L x 6¼" W x 9" H | Volume approximately 18½ cups (1¼  gallons)

Care: They’re dishwasher safe, but we typically let ours sit in the sun between rinses. Solar-powered disinfecting. Replace filter every couple months, or as needed.

Customer Reviews

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I put my trust in Ware.

I’ve needed a compost bin for a while, but got very overwhelmed by the options out there. I finally decided to get this one from Ware because I know they vet their products so well and they would never sell me something that doesn’t last. I trust that Ware has mine and the environment’s best interest at heart. Got my bin last week and it’s doing a lovely job with our kitchen scraps so far! And it’s #cute so that helps too.

Mallory, I can't begin to describe how much your review means to us. Thank you.

Happy little compost pail

The only thing that could make this compost pail better is if it had a self cleaning feature. Til then, this is the gosh darn best. It’s never made my kitchen smelly, even when it’s high summer and full of tomato guts or deep winter and the compost hasn’t been taken out because of several feet of snow. I got the grey because I figured it would look cleaner longer and I think I’m correct. I’ve had it for two years and give it a good scrub every so often—looks like new.

Best compost pail I've found

Such a pleasing shape, size and color for the countertop - and incredibly functional. The terra cotta color is lovely, the charcoal filter contains all potential odors. Also very light and durable, perfect if you have a bit of a walk to your compost pile.


Love this compost pail! Holds more than you would think & the bamboo handle makes taking it out easy.