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Cotton Cloth Hand Towels in Solid & Striped
Cotton Cloth Hand Towels in Solid & Striped
Cotton Cloth Hand Towels in Solid
Cotton Cloth Hand Towels in Striped
Cotton cloth solid washed

Cotton Cloths

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Simple cotton cloths in solid & stripes. We use these as hand towels in the bathroom. Keep a couple in your car or by the door for muddy dog paws. They're surprisingly big and have endless applications. 

Sold in sets of three.

Dimensions: ~31" x 20" before washing.

Care Instructions: Wash and dry with your regular laundry. We are pretty adamant about washing in cold water and air drying, because sustainability. However, we recommend one or two hot cycles with these particular cloths before using to sop up liquids. That process helps break in the fibers a bit, making the weave contract and the cloths more absorbent. 

We love these towels, but it's important to note that they not made to be pristine. Most of ours have started to fray at the corners, and that's part of their charm. They're *rustic.* Just wanted to be clear that these aren't going to be your prim and proper linens, like our Recycled Cotton Dish Towels would be. Check that last pic to see what we mean & also for a look at how washing on low heat creates a tighter weave.

Made in Mexico.

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