Organic cotton produce bag in mesh and muslin in small, medium, and large
Organic Cotton Produce Bag

Organic Cotton Produce Bag

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GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton produce bags to help you kick the plastic habit. The tare value (or weight, if you're new to the refill world) is conveniently displayed on an external tag. If you like to store your grains and small bulk products in glass jars at home, we recommend taking the small muslin bags to the store to bring the goods home and then filling them at home. Waaaay easier than taking your entire jar collection everywhere you go.

You know we love a multi-use product, and these drawstring bags certainly fit the bill. Use a mesh bag to protect your delicates in the wash. Snag a couple extra large bags to keep your suitcase organized on your next adventure - one for your running shoes, one for your dirty laundry, one for... you get the picture.


  • Small - 8" x 12"
  • Medium - 12" x 13"
  • Large - 12" x 17"

The mesh bags have a fair amount of stretch to them and can therefor hold more than their muslin counterparts at any size.

Care Instructions:

Wash and dry with your regular laundry. Easy!