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Crown of Summer Hydrolat Facial Toner

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Distillate floral waters of white yarrow blossoms, flowering tulsi, and lemonbalm, hand-picked at peak bloom and carefully distilled at the height of Appalachian summer. Crown of Summer Hydrolat gently tones the skin, balances the skin’s pH, enlivens the senses, and lifts the spirit. 

Lemon balm and Tulsi flowers gently open the pores to release heat and vent stuck energy. White yarrow blossoms offer a balm for any wounds we carry and help us to conjure a path toward healing.

To prepare the skin to better absorb an oil-based moisturizer, mist clean skin before applying a face oil. Or, apply a few spritzes to refresh the skin during the day.

Ingredients: Hydrosols of yarrow, tulsi, lemon balm  

Contents: 1.69 fl oz. | 50mL