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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $150!

Furoshiki Gift Wrap

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$16.00 - $22.00
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If you're looking for a less wasteful way of wrapping gifts, furoshiki may just be your answer. This wrapping cloth is cut from recycled fabric, and it adapts to any shape! Great for wrapping a boxed item, or even a cluster of items you want to gift together. Intended to be reused over and over again, we recommend explaining to the recipient how to reuse the wrap next time they're giving a gift.

Small: approx. ~18" x 18"

Large: approx. ~32" x 32"

Please note: These wraps are hand-cut and hand-dyed. Hues will vary from batch to batch due to the hand-dyed nature. Variations and mottling in color are expected and embraced.