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Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

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To complete your morning routine or as a gift to a friend for the holidays, these loose leaf herbal teas are carefully crafted in Southern Appalachia with ingredients sourced from small US farms. Grab a Tea Strainer and a Mug and you're set. 


  • Airy, sweet, and revitalizing. The invigorating energy of lemon verbena is beautifully balanced by aronia berries' light-hearted sweetness. A slight tartness and refreshing aroma invites you to enjoy this tea cool as well as hot. 
  • Ingredients  Lemon verbena, marshmallow root, aronia berry, lavender

Hyssop Mint

  • Soft, sweet, and slightly elevating with an understated mint that refreshes without overwhelming. Formulated to nourish the mind while awakening the senses.
  • IngredientsAnise hyssop, peppermint, green shiso

    Tulsi Trinity

    • Tulsi is known for its powerful healing properties, adaptogenic ability to balance, and its energetic protection. Not your typical cup of tulsi tea, the Tulsi Trinity elegantly blends three varieties of tulsi: Amrita, a very special variety with a rich, cinnamon and clove-like flavor; Kapoor, a mild basil with sweet bubblegum notes; and Vana, also called 'forest' or wild tulsi, the most fragrant, sharply flavored, and peppery. This blend of varieties offers a captivating and complex flavor that is both soothing and stimulating.
    • IngredientsKapoor tulsi, vana tulsi, amrita tulsi

    Directions: Steep one or more tablespoons per cup of hot water for at least three minutes.

    Contents: 1 oz of loose leaf tea, packaged in a recyclable paper box with a cellulose-based certified home-compostable liner.