Magic mushroom facial toner
Magic Mushroom Moisture Cream, Face Mask and Facial Toner

Magic Mushroom Toner

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Protect your skin and fight free radicals with this mushroom-packed toner. Reishi and chaga combine to provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin while helping reduce redness, protecting from outside forces that age skin while leaving an overall smooth and evenly toned appearance.

Ingredients: *Witch hazel extract infused with *reishi & *chaga, *chamomile hydrosol, aloe vera gel, *vegetable glycerine, Geogard® ECT (benzyl alcohol, salicylic acid, glycerin, sorbic acid)

*Denotes organic ingredients.

Use Instructions: Shake gently. After cleansing, work into skin using hands or a reusable facial round to remove impurities & minimize the appearance of pores. Use as part of your daily facial care regimen. Follow with moisturizer such as the Magic Mushroom Cream if you're really feeling the 'shrooms.

Contents: Comes in a 4 oz frosted amber glass bottle with plastic lid.

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