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Vejibag; Ware Refill Route Asheville

The Vejibag

Vejibag; Ware Refill Route Asheville


Folks, hold onto your hats. I’m excited about this one. If you’ve been in the sustainability “world” for any amount of time, you’re likely aware that food waste is a MAJOR contributor to greenhouse gas emissions (not to mention the gross inequity that surrounds its occurrence in the first place). The packaging of produce and ways in which we employ plastic to keep it fresher longer only compounds the need for zero waste solutions to eating healthy food. It just shouldn’t be as hard as it is to avoid plastic, eat well, and not throw food in the trash. Cue Vejibag. In responses to numerous pleas for a low-hassle, low-waste solution to the above problems, we are thrilled to now carry Vejibags at Ware. 

These simple cotton terry cloth bags only need be kept damp in your fridge to keep your produce nutritious and delicious for (in some cases) WEEKS. 

In my hunt for the perfect product to fill this void, I tried a few alternatives. I found these to be the best for their ease of use, slim profile, and low maintenance care. Wet them in the sink. They don’t take up a ton more space than the produce itself. Wash and dry like laundry. I have no complaints. I doubt you will either.

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