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Recycling at Ware


Recycling is not a perfect solution to consumer waste. (You can learn more about that here.) It is, however, one of the best solutions we have available to us at the moment - when done correctly. The more specific the waste stream, the more efficiently that material can be broken down into a new "virgin" material and turned into another product. So we've added a recycling station to our Asheville brick and mortar shop, with the goal of offering collection for some of our most-accumulated household wastes. 

Recycling bin at Ware in Asheville, NC. We collect the containers of beauty and personal care products purchased from our shop for responsible disposal through Terracycle.

In all cases of collection, the materials/products must be empty, clean, and dry. Yes, even if it's hard to clean (we sell brushes down to straw brush size that you may find handy.) However, please read the very specific guidelines below for each type of collection. Failing to follow these prerequisites results in that product (and often anything it contaminates) being sent to the landfill.

PLEASE NOTE: We are, first and foremost, a retail store. If consistent community failure to comply with the guidelines on this page results in conflict with our ability to carry out our primary responsibilities, we won't be able to host these collections for long. (In other words: if you don't follow directions, you'll lose your privileges. My life as Ware Mom.) 

Recycling is to be brought in only during store hours.


Currently collecting:


We only collect recycling for beauty and personal care product containers that were purchased from Ware or if you are actively replacing that product with something equivalent from Ware. Don't have a use for that face oil bottle and pump? We'll take it back. Finished your plastic container of shampoo and moving on to shampoo bars or a refillable option from Ware? We'll take that old container from you when you come in to make the purchase. 

This recycling stream facilitated by Terracycle.



This receptacle accepts all brands of blades and razors (handles and disposable units, and replaceable-blade cartridge units), double-edged blades, rigid plastic packaging, and flexible plastic bag packaging.

This collection does not accept electric shavers or related accessories, shave brushes or shaving cream packaging (but that can go in our other recycling boxes, if it's not a pressurized can).

Razor recycling sponsored by Gillette and facilitated by Terracycle.



This receptacle recycles non-woven disposable plastic-based masks including 3-ply surgical, dust masks, KN95, and N95 masks.

This collection does not accept other types of protective gear like gloves, hair nets, or lab coats and garments. Do not include paper or cloth masks.Do not included medical waste. This applies to material contaminated with blood or bodily fluids that originate from health care facilities, hospitals, physicians' offices, dental offices, blood banks, veterinary clinics, research laboratories, etc. Typical residue from use of masks in public spaces is expected.

Mask recycling facilitated by Terracycle.



So, technically, this isn't a recycling program. It's betterit's a reuse program! Bring any clean, reusable, and washable shopping bag into our shop and deposit into the cute wooden crate that says "take a tote, leave a tote". We make these bags available to anyone who forgot their reusables at home, but would rather not take one of our (post-consumer recycled material) paper shopping bags.  


Another reuse program! We collect some containers for free use by customers at our refill station. See this page for all the details on our jar exchange. We ask that you read that page thoroughly before bringing your jars into Ware, as we have to be particular about what we can accept.


Looking for textile recycling? We have ended this program for two reasons: our new store is too small to house it and both Earth Fare (the green vessel in their parking lot) and Regeneration Station (inside) have convenient receptacles for Asheville residents to recycle textiles with GreenZone - the same company whose bin we were hosting. You can also find 

Recycling in Asheville

While many things are collected locally by our municipal curbside recycling (click here for a complete list specific to Asheville), many more materials and items can't be efficiently recycled by the City and their partners. For this reason, we are fortunate to have Asheville GreenWorks in our community. Every other month, they facilitate a Hard 2 Recycle day, where they accept just that - many of the things that are hard to find recycling programs for. This includes items like: styrofoam, computer monitors and cables, bicycles, and more. Additionally, the City of Asheville and GreenWorks have banded together to produce a search engine called the Recycling Wizard that gives users all of their local options for recycling when they input the thing they're trying to dispose of.