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If it doesn’t work, it isn’t sustainable

As a seller of things that preaches that many things aren’t needed in the first place, I often find myself in a tough situation. With so many options available to consumers, a retailer’s biggest job is deciding what not to offer. That Ware is a sustainable lifestyle store eliminates, frankly, most products on the market. But even once you zoom in on just “sustainable” products, there are some more nuanced decisions that have to be made.  Sure, there are companies that are flat out greenwashing their marketing and claiming to be environmentally responsible and/or ethical when they, as a whole, are not at all. Those aren’t the hard decisions, once you figure out how to discern which brands are doing...

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Racism Isn't Sustainable: A Timeline of the Climate Justice Movement

Saving the turtles, reusable straws, veganism & things of the sort, are all concepts that carry different levels of significance when discussing climate justice. Oftentimes they only gain momentum when the Karens and the Becky’s of the world decide it’s trendy or important. Some even believe the modern-day climate movement wasn’t a thing before Greta Thunberg came into the picture. You wouldn’t believe how far from correct that is. 

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When the World Reopens

This is a letter written TO the community at large, wherever you may be, FOR my fellow small business owners. Be kind. Be patient. Be supportive.

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When Small Business Gets Smaller

The past month has been a resounding chorus of “hardests” and “firsts” from entrepreneurial rookies and veterans alike. Second only to the week of March 16th, this past week has been the hardest week I have ever known as a business owner. 

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