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Delivery methods


To further embody our mission of sustainability, we only ship through USPS. Their (currently gas-consuming) trucks are driving the same route daily, regardless of your order. Adding another package to their route just makes the trip more efficient. Shipping through private mail carrier services adds stops and usually distance to their routes, often for a single package. We reduce carbon emissions on every order by supporting the United States Postal Service with our business.

You can expect your online order to be processed out the door in 3 business days or fewer (though usually same-say), and shipping times are subject to USPS mail fluctuations (as we learned in COVID). You'll receive a shipping confirmation email with the specifics.

Local Delivery

We are immensely fortunate to be able to partner with the fit folks at Flashcat Courier Co. to offer local delivery exclusively via bicycle. It is available to Asheville area codes 28801-6. A low-waste purchase with zero carbon emissions to bring it to your doorstep - doesn't get much better than that.

Local Pickup

Selecting "Local Pickup" when you check out is a free "service" that can add a bit of simplicity to your day. No need to risk forgetting an item, when you can shop 24/7 and come pick it up later.