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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm thinking of opening a zero waste/refill/sustainable living shop. Can I pick your brain?

Sadly, no. This is possibly THE most common email in the Ware inbox and DMs on any given day (aside from vendor inquiries). The first thing that comes to mind is that there is about to be a BIG boom in this kind of business around the country. And I cannot wait to see those businesses thrive!

Genuinely, I wish you the best and am THRILLED that these values are taking hold. I don't lack for thoughts on the matter, but I do lack for time. As you can imagine, I (Gillie, the Ware founder and head honcho) wear (Ware?) MANY hats in this growing business. For a bit, I was offering business coaching services, but that quickly became more than I could handle while still running my own business. And asking to take someone to coffee or interview them for your own purposes is business coaching. If I accepted every one of those requests, I'd be in those meetings with folks on a weekly basis. Frankly, I can't afford to not be spending that time on my own business, both in terms of finances and my own well-being. I've learned the hard way to set that boundary up front.

The Ware Instagram and blog are chock-full of information to be gleaned about running a business like Ware. I've also added a couple links to interviews with me on just this subject to this page

I'd like to contribute to the Ware blog. Can I send you my work?

We are open to publishing work from outside contributors on the Ware blog. As a small team, though, we don't have the bandwidth to participate in brainstorms, collaborations, or heavily edit others' work in addition to our existing roles and responsibilities within the company. If you'd like to send us a finished piece, send it to . We will review it and let you know if it's a good fit for our blog. We will not make any promises that your work will be used by Ware. In the event of rejection, we are unlikely to provide feedback beyond it not being a good fit for Ware. Additionally, we can't offer any form of compensation and will be unlikely to accept anything that seems to be marketing for another brand. In the event that we would like to publish your work, we'll be sure to get all of your credentials and link your piece to your other work, as directed by you.

What products do you offer at your refill station?

Hope over to this page for all of the details on our refill station, for products to containers.

Do you wholesale your products?

We're growing out wholesale offering, and you can find it here!

Do you offer discounts for corporate gifting?

Yes! We love putting gifts together on behalf of like-minded businesses. We've partnered with businesses to offer just the sourcing or more full-service of arranging and mailing out packages. Shoot us an email to , if this sounds like you. 

Do you offer registries?

Kind of? Every digital registry website we've come across allows products to be added from any ecommerce site on the web - that includes us. Usually all you need is the URL from the product listing page. We would be thrilled to be included on your registry!