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Ware logo with tagline below reading "low waste. high standards."

Reusable and zero waste food storage products like bento boxes and silicone storage bags.

How sustainable can a product really be if you don't want it, it doesn't work, or it doesn't last? Not very. So we spend all of our time seeking out and testing home and body care products to meet our long list of expectations. We seek out items that are beautiful, functional, responsibly-made (both in terms of environmental and human impact), minimally-packaged, and from as close to home as possible - to name only a few of the boxes we aim to check. 

An array of low waste and refill products from zero waste shop Ware in Asheville, NC.

Online and in Asheville, NC

We offer our products nation-wide through our online store while operating our only brick & mortar location in West Asheville, NC. If you find yourself in the shop, be sure to bring your containers and take advantage of our extensive refill station!
Refill shop collection of zero waste bulk products in Asheville, NC.

Ware is third party Living Wage Certified by Just Economics.

Need to know more?

If you're really looking to get to know Ware, here are a couple interviews with Ware founder, Gillie Roberts, that dive deeper on how the business came to be and what it's all about: