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stainless steel tea infuser and strainer
stainless steel tea infuser strainer
stainless steel tea infuser strainer
stainless steel tea infuser strainer

Stainless Steel Tea Infuser

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We searched high and low for the perfect tea infuser. As tea enthusiasts, we didn't take that task lightly. This little strainer has a narrow basket with a relatively low drop and wide rim, so it fits a wide variety of mugs, glasses, jars, and just about any other drinking apparatus while submerging the tea leaves well into the water. The laser cut stainless steel is a magnificently fine mesh that traps even the finest tea powders, but is a breeze to clean. Unlike the wire mesh baskets that fit many of the other qualifications we've listed, this guy won't rust on you.

Oh, and it's pretty attractive so it won't be nearly as embarrassing to use at the office as the plastic manatee infuser your mom slipped into your last birthday gift.


  • Basket opening: 2 " diameter
  • Basket base: 2" diameter
  • Basket drop: 3"
  • Rim: 3 " diameter
  • Handles: 4 ¾"

Care: Dishwasher-safe, but can certainly be hand washed, too. If discoloration begins to occur over time, just boil with a bit of baking soda and give it a gentle scrub and it'll be *like* new.

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