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Clean Plate Club Liquid Dish Soap, Bottled

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Join the Clean Plate Club with this sudsy, effective, and biodegradable dish soap. No sulfates, no preservatives, no artificial fragrancesjust hard-working, all-natural ingredients that are easy on both your hands and our waterways. Once you've used the contents of this bottle, bring it back to our Refill Station for a zero-waste clean.

Gray-water safe.

Ingredients: Water, saponified coconut oil, borax, sodium carbonate, hydroxyethylcellulose (a natural plant-derived thickener), proprietary blend of essential oils (if scented)

Contents: 16 fl oz. dish soap in a reusable clear glass bottle.

 Looking for a solid dish block? Here ya go.

Customer Reviews

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Steph K
I bought this because my yelled at me...

tldr; This works really well if you need that sudsy soak and/or an alternative to the Vegan Dish Block! Also, it smells great and you can refill at the bulk station! <3

...okay, she didn't "yell" at me perse (see my Vegan Dish Block review). My mom is a "Dawn dish soap" kind of mom. She's been great about other things like the Charcoal Water Filters (see my review for her baller adoption of that product).

Anywho, I'm just not going to go buy Dawn for the times that she comes to visit so off to the Ware site I go for my much better alternative. And of course, here it is! I love this dish soap. I love the smell, I love how well it works! It's great for soaking pans with burned on veggies that just need some time to think about what they did before being scrubbed off (I turn my back for ONE minute!).

Another economical and effective way to reduce my plastic use! <3