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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $150!
FREE SHIPPING on orders over $150!

Jar Exchange

The Jar Exchange

We now accept jars from the public for folks to use with refills in the shop free of charge. Because of our small team and small space, we can only accept jars with the following qualities:

  • Empty, clean, & dry (we require this for any refills in the shop - even if you brought your own container)

  • Made of glass

  • Have a lid with an airtight seal

  • No scent or odor (this can be solved a number of ways, we like letting lids sit with rubbing alcohol or leaving them in the sun to bake for a few days of direct sunlight)

  • Free of labels & adhesive

  • Of a size and shape that is useful to the types of products we sell in bulk

We will only accept what we have room for and what makes sense with our products, so always feel free to give us a call, send an email, or shoot us a DM to be sure we're in the market for the vessels you'd like to bring in. Pro tip: we need fewer bottles and more wide-mouthed containers.