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As interest in increasingly sustainability efforts rises, we hear from folks looking for advice and support on a range of subjects. In response to requests, we are developing programs around the following services:

Lifestyle Furnishing

Imagine walking into your home and it is entirely decked out in beautiful, functional, sustainable products that support your vision of a greener, cleaner, kinder world. We work with interior designers to furnish homes down to the jars in the pantry and dish soap by the sink. Lifestyle Furnishing takes the concept of "turnkey" to the next level by creating a space that is ready for life.

Registry Advising

Weddings are a time when many of us accumulate a lot of stuff. But what if that stuff was a collection of all of the tools you need to start living sustainably with your favorite person? We work with couples and wedding planners to curate a personalized registry by combining our online and in-store offerings with recommendations from around the web. This service is compatible with most universal registries (Zola, The Knot, Blueprint, etc.).

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We can't do everything and still do what we do well. That respect for time and bandwidth means we're intentional about the projects we will take on. For instance, we love building registries, but cannot reasonably get involved with any part of the wedding event. That being said, if you have a particular project in mind and want to know how we can help, send us an email!