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Bamboo Electric Toothbrush Heads

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The world's first bamboo electric toothbrush head, featuring sustainably sourced bamboo (no hidden plastic core here, folks!) and 100% medium castor oil bristles. Each pack contains two heads—enough for at least 6 months of brushing!

*Compatible to fit your existing Philips Sonicare brush (no need to buy a new base) of the following models: HX9003, HX9013, HX9112, HX9141, HX9172, HX9182, HX9332, HX9340, HX9342, HX9350, HX9352, HX9362, HX9363

Materials: Bamboo stem and castor oil bristles

Dimensions: approx. 3" L

Contents: Pack of two (2) toothbrush heads in recyclable cardboard box

Please note: This listing is only for the bamboo toothbrush heads, not for the Sonicare base.

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Steph K
Gillie, you read my mind!

This is an exceptional example of how thoughtfully and thoroughly curated Ware's product line is!

At my last cleaning my hygenist was all, "I LOVE your teeth, they're so good at being teeth but can we talk about if you have a sonic toothbrush?" And I do, but I wasn't using it because I lost all of my extra brush heads moving (gawd, I hate moving) and I was just using my travel brush until I bit the bullet to buy more.

What timing! I get a new product notification from Ware and here it is, BAMBOO brush heads for my sonic toothbrush are you kidding me?!

I bought a pack right away and they work SO well. They fit right on the handle, stay on well, know...sonic my teeth...I guess.

I highly recommend these if you have an electric sonic toothbrush. A great example of, "whoops I plastic'd" but here's how I can make this more sustainable!

Steph, you're the best. So glad I was able to beat you to the punch! Or maybe we just punched at the same time. :)