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Bamboo Pot Scraper

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If you've ever tried to use a dish brush on a gunky pan, you understand why this is such a simple yet brilliant tool. Great for pots, but also useful for baking and cleaning: from scraping a batter bowl clean, tempering chocolate, or removing spilled sauce from your glass-top stove. Sick of trying to peel off the labels on your jars? Let 'em soak for a few days and give them a scrape with this guy. Life-changing. Imagine all of the possibilities with your own pot scraper. Looking for a Steel Scourer? Check here.

Because it won't scratch cooking surfaces, it can be used with your non-stick pan. Bamboo is lightweight and more durable than wood (it's a grass, technically), as well as naturally stain-resistant and antimicrobial. It does not impart or absorb flavors.

If you're cleaning your more delicate cookware, this scraper & a Wool Dish Sponge are the perfect pair.

Materials: USDA certified organic bamboo (this is actually rare among bamboo products). Made without glues or lacquers.

Dimensions: 2" x 2¾"

Care: Handwash for longer life and avoid prolonged soaking. Not recommended for microwave or dishwasher.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Peachy Kean
Great little dish scraper

Fun size and effective. Thanks y’all!

Such a simple tool I didn’t know I needed.

It’s small and it’s powerful. I’ve added this tool to numerous gifts and they make excellent stocking stuffers. Pots and pans aren’t the treaded task they used to be. And it’s so gentle that it doesn’t do any damage while being super effective at removing all the stubborn food from the dishes.
It’s stored right on the sink and used multiple times a day. So handy.

New favorite kitchen tool

We love this thing! We bought it for our cast iron, but it’s also great for our stainless steel cookware and anything else that sometimes needs some help getting food unstuck.

Best scraper for cast iron

I use this once a day at least on all my cookware, because my stainless and cast iron pans are finicky and yes, I burn things. But even when I don't, this sturdy scraper comes in handy for the first clean, to scrape pans, plates and my griddle before I rinse. I imagine I save some water that way. Plus it is just an esthetically pleasing piece of pretty wood, looks good in my drawer.

Laurie Caffery
Smart, compact and so handy!

I love my Bamboo Pot Scraper! This little thing is so handy for stubborn sticky/crusty spots on any pot or pan. Especially great for cast-iron or non-stick pans where steel wool is not suitable. More sanitary and compact than steel wool as well, IMO.