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Clean Dream All-Purpose Spray

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Get a toxin-free clean from this natural and aromatic (and *extremely effective*) all-purpose cleaning spray. We use it all over our kitchens and bathrooms. Works on nonporous surfaces, such as countertops, porcelain, bathroom fixtures & more. Fitted with a heavy-duty sprayer and waterproof label, this is meant to be the last bottle you will ever need to purchase! Once you've used the contents of this bottle, bring it back and refill it from our Refill Station for a zero-waste clean.

Looking to refill your bottle? We'll send you a refill in an upcycled vessel!

Ingredients: Water, organic distilled vinegar, borax, sodium carbonate, saponified coconut oil, hydroxyethylcellulose (a natural plant-derived thickener), essential oil blend


16 fl oz. of cleaner, bottled in a blue glass bottle with a white plastic spray nozzle OR 16 or 32 oz refill in an upcycled vessel.*

*When we say "upcycled vessel" we mean a container that has been donated and sanitized. These containers are being filled by weight, so may not be filled to the very top.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
SO good!

Highly effective and the best smelling natural cleaner around! Perfect for everyday use.

The name says it all

I love this spray. It smells like a dream. It’s aroma therapy when you clean. It makes the fact that you’re cleaning that much more enjoyable.
It smells soothing but it’s a powerful cleanser.
The bottle is a deep blue glass. So it’s not something I mind being left out. I’ve even thought it very pretty.
It’s a must have in any home and the best bit is.. it’s refillable at Ware.
I love that only need to buy one or two and then refill them. It doesn’t get easier than that.
This is a daily use product that I’m so happy with.