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Coconut Coir Dish Scrub Brush

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Just a handy coconut coir dish brush with an efficient scrub to help you on your plastic-free journey. Looks great in a glass jar by the sink and even better in your hand, cleaning the heck out of your pots and pans. Especially great for those of your without a dishwasher, as you can slide forks and knives through the center for a double-sided scrub!

Made of sustainably-harvested (FSC Certified) and biodegradable materials. Not a smidge of plastic in sight. Coconut coir is an all natural fiber made from the part of coconut husks found between the hard internal shell and outer husky coat. It's both durable and naturally waterproof, having been used from ancient times for making ropes, string & fishing nets—and makes a delightfully scrubby brush bristle.

Dimensions9½" L x 1¾" W

Use & Care Instructions: Use as you would any dish cleaning apparatus, soap up and scrub. Allow to dry when not in use.

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