Cotton & Bamboo Cotton Rounds
Cotton & Bamboo Cotton Rounds
Cotton & Bamboo Cotton Rounds with My Bare Skin and Kooshoo

Reusable Facial Rounds

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No need for single-use wipes when it comes to removing your makeup! This set includes 20 pads (10 cotton, 10 bamboo) as well as a wash bag (which you could also use for veggies from you local co-op). Pair the rounds with your facial cleanser & give 'em a wash once you've made your way through them. Rinse & repeat.


10 Black Cotton: good for removing dark eye makeup or applying facial toner.

10 White Bamboo Terry: soft, textured surface better removes hard to clean makeup or to apply exfoliating cleanser.

1 Wash Bag

Use: Wet pad with makeup remover or cleanser of choice. Hand or machine wash rounds. When washing in the machine, wash inside the provided mesh bag to keep them all together and avoid losing any to the void our socks go.

Dimensions: 3.25" diameter

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