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Knob Scrub Brush

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Agave fiber bristles will make this compact dish (or whatever ya need it for) brush your go-to tool for tough scrubbing. Use with Solid Dish Soap in the kitchen sink or your favorite natural Cleaner on shower tile grout. Wherever you need it. Plastic-free & biodegradable.

Materials: Agave plant bristles with wooden handle

Care & Use Instructions: Use as you would any dish cleaning apparatussoap up and scrub. Allow to dry when not in use. An occasional rinse with vinegar is a great way to sanitize the bristles.

Looking for a brush that does a similar job but with a handle to get to the bottom of your jars? This Dish Brush is your answer.

Customer Reviews

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Steph K
My favorite Knob!

I have several of the dish brushes from Ware and this one is definitely my go-to. It's great for scrubbing pans and the little nubbin of a handle makes it easy to get after those really stubborn burned on pieces of tortilla (I turn my back for ONE minute and all hell breaks loose). This wonder Knob might not get the smell of flaming pressed corn out of the house but it sure did help get that pan clean.

Note: I've two of these in two years. I mistreated the first one, actions which I regret to this day, and it cracked from being kept wet too long. My second one is going strong and I'm confident will last a really long time.