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Flat Organic Cotton Hair Ties

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Several years ago, KOOSHOO made the world's first biodegradable, plastic-free hair ties. In the years since, they've tested, trialed & refined countless versions. All that R&D has led them to this point today—the release of the newest generation of hair ties featuring 20% more stretch, vivid organic dyes & softer-than-ever labels.

They are strong enough to hold a bun, top-knot or ponytail all day long, yet soft enough to cause no creasing or hair tie headaches. 

These ponytail holders are made in a Fair Trade certified social-good garment facility in Southern India. The facility is owned and operated by nuns and profits are used to fund a cancer treatment facility for those without access to care.   

Materials: 70% GOTS certified organic cotton, 30% natural rubber; hand-dyed using GOTS and OEKO-TEX dyes

Care: Wash cold with like colors; lay flat to dry. Keep in mind these are hand-dyed and may run the first wash. 

Looking for scrunchies? Check here. For a brass alternative, take a look at this Bun Pin Duo.

Customer Reviews

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The best

I love these hair ties so much!! They were given to me as a gift and they are better than any hair tie I’ve used before. The stretch, the hold, and the shape is perfect. I’m usually generous with letting people barrow a hair tie, just saying I always ask for this one back haha. If you’re on the fence about getting these for yourself or gifting them, do it! Your environment and hair will love them .

I absolutely love the emotions around finding such a simple thing that WORKS SO WELL. Thanks for sharing!

Laurie Caffery

Love these so much! I've tried out plastic-free hair ties before, but they never quite get the elasticity right, and usually tend to fall apart. Not the case with these! So durable, so cute, and just the right shape, size and feel.

Taylor Kromer
Love these

I love these and have purchased them as gifts for my sisters and friends who use hair ties and almost all of them have gone on to purchase more on their own because they’re so good. They never pull my hair out and never get all loose and stretched out. Mine have really been through it over the years and they hold up to less than delicate use. They look cute on your wrist when you’re not wearing them and come in lots of pretty shades. Check out the scrunchies too if you want one that will actually hold your hair up, they’re amazing!