Lavender Earl Grey Lip Balm
Lavender Earl Grey Lip Balm

Lavender Earl Grey Lip Balm

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This vegan lip butter is packed with moisturizing organic cocoa butter and avocado oil. It contains wildcrafted plant wax instead of beeswax, so it's completely vegan.

The lip butter is made with nourishing, premium cocoa butter that will stay on your lips for an extended period (we usually find it lasts 4-8 hours on the lips). It goes on like a rich butter and has a matte finish.

Ingredients: wildcrafted candelilla wax (plant wax), organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, lavender essential oil, bergamot essential oil, organic stevia leaf

Size: This waste-conscious paperboard tube is 0.45 oz, which is about 3 times bigger than a typical lip balm size. Should last for several months to a year (or longer depending on use).

Shelf life: This product is most fresh when used within 1-2 years of purchase.

Storage: As with any natural product, do not leave it in your car to melt in the heat. It could melt and spill, and the constant heating and cooling will reduce the shelf life of the product.

Disposal: Compost the recycled paper tube and black bamboo tape. Peel off and recycle the polypropylene label. 

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