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Brighten your laundry with this Oxy-Boost, made in small batches in Greenville, SC. Pairs splendidly with our favorite Laundry Powder

Use Instructions:

As a detergent booster: Add 1 tbsp to your load of laundry and wash as normal.

For brightening clothes: Cover laundry with warm/hot water, mix in 4 tbsp Oxy-Boost, and let soak 30-60 minutes. Wash as normal.

Ingredients: Hydrogen peroxide, soda ash, citric acid

    Contents: 8 or 16 oz. (by weight) placed in a recyclable paper bag for safe shipping

    Want to try the Oxy-Boost? Select "Sample" for three (3) tablespoons placed in a recyclable paper pouch.

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