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Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades

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$3.00 - $18.00
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Universal safety razor blade refills for your plastic-free bathroom. These are replacement blades for the Safety Razor we sell, but are universal and can be used on any double-edged razor. Stash used razors in a Blade Bank or jar for disposal when you've got a collection going.

How long you can use each blade for really depends on how often you're shaving, the coarseness of the hair being removed, and the amount of surface area you're addressing with each shave. "Up to a month" and "one to four shaves" are claims you'll find around the internet regarding the longevity of blades. 

Disposal: If you're in Asheville, you can bring your used blades back to us to recycle! If you don't have a razor recycling near you and you're worried about the safety of disposing of the blades in the trash, we're with you. Never throw a "naked" blade in the trash. Razors thrown in the trash must be wrapped up to avoid cutting your family or sanitation workers. Bundle used blades in some old newspaper or other unwanted bag/material and tape shut before tossing.