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Floral Facial Mist Toner
Floral Facial Mist Toner
Floral Facial Mist Toner

Floral Facial Mist Toner

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Organic rosewater and soothing organic aloe vera gel blend together to create our favorite facial mist. Aloe vera is an Ayurvedic botanical used for soothing skin inflammation while rosewater helps remedy clogged pores. A great option for skin that spends a lot of time in the sun. Oh, and it smells like heaven.

Use Instructions: For daily use on all skin types. Mist onto face and gently pat into skin for a gentle prep before daily moisturizer (may we recommend My Bare Skin?). May also be used as a hydrating mid-day refresher.

Pro tip: Storing this bottle in the fridge, if convenient, amplifies its soothing qualities and makes it feel delightful on a sunburn.

Contents: 3.38 fl oz / 100 ml


  • Lavender & Rose: *rosewater, *aloe vera gel, *vegetable glycerin, *lavender essential oil - *certified organic ingredient
  • Jasmine & Rose:  *rosewater, *aloe vera gel, *vegetable glycerin, *jasmine absolute - *certified organic ingredient

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