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Sisal Soap Sack

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A sisal pouch that softens when wet, providing gentle exfoliation for the whole body. Sisal is the name for fiber pulled from the agave plant, used by cultures all over the world for everything from rugs to hats. Some folks call these little pouches "soap savers," because they are a great place to storeand usethe last bits from the bars of soap that are so difficult to fully use up without dropping down the drain. 

Materials: Sisal

Dimensions: 5" L x 4" W

Care & Use Instructions: Wet, apply soap, scrub body. Hang in between uses so that it dries completely. Compost at the end of its life.

Customer Reviews

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For all ages

Ok, so I have been using this soap sack from the beginning of discovering Ware in Asheville. I have bought it for friends who love it as much as I do. Mostly because it doesn’t mold or smell odd after years of use (assuming you hang it properly and clean in between new soap changes). I have always bought shower wash for my kiddos and noticed they go through it so quickly as they are still learning quantity control. So I decided to let them pick out their own bars of soap (which is a fun event for them as they like to smell all the soaps at the grocery store) and showed them how to use these soap sacks and they love them! Like really want me to smell them after showers love them. And they last 3 times as long as shower wash does!

Laurie Caffery
So great!

I love my soap sack! I've never been a washcloth person, and don't love loofahs as they tend to get musty. This is a great solution to getting a nice shower scrub while also making the most of those little tiny soap slivers!