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Vegan Dental Floss & Refills

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Make sure to smile! And be proud to, especially if you're keeping your teeth clean with this customer-favorite floss after brushing. Plastic-free, made from vegan candelilla wax and cornstarch, and coated with peppermint oil for a clean & fresh glide through your teeth. No more breaking off between teeth like its silk counterparts.

Dimensions: Each spool of floss is ~100 feet long

Contents: Canister & 1 spool of floss or 2 floss spool refills.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love this stuff

Swapping out plastic floss has been overall really great, but this bamboo/charcoal option is WAY better than the silk alternative they sell in some stores. It's a bit thicker so it doesn't break easily and feels like it really gets more out than the other options. This glass container shattered when I was traveling with it, so now I use a stainless steel canister I got with some inferior floss and just pop these refills in instead.

Clare Hill
Life Changing (not exaggerating)

Before trying this floss, I was an intermittent flosser. Sure, the dentist was always after me to regularly floss, but I honestly never felt like it did very much. I had started to feel guilty about all the packaging waste when I discovered this floss so I figured I’d try it out. Wow wow wow it really gets in there in a way no other floss ever has - it actually grabs stuff from between your teeth (I’ve got deep recesses so there’s always something lurking). I’m over a year into daily use and my teeth look better and certainly my mouth feels much cleaner. The dentist has noticed too. 10/10 most amazing product!

Laurie Caffery
Best floss ever!

My husband and I are self proclaimed floss-snobs, and this is the best floss around. Perfect texture, super strong, and the ideal thickness. Bonus: the cute little refillable jar is easy to use and so aesthetically pleasing!

Tara Ellenwood

This floss is the best, I have a permanent retainer and I am able to get through so easily with this flosses finish!