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Wool Dish Sponges

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These natural sponges are organic and compostable alternatives to synthetic dish sponges, as well as a simple zero-waste addition to any kitchen. Wool’s naturally antimicrobial and fast-drying properties make it an ideal material for a dish sponge. These sponges are made by Echoview Fiber Mill using their felting machine and wool sourced from US farms in their Gold LEED Certified facility. 

After a few uses, these sponges will felt down further and become more tightly packed, but will continue working hard to help keep your home clean for a long time after. You will want to pair it with a Loofah or Pot Scraper for cleaning jobs that require scouring. You'll surely be part of the Clean Plate Club with our favorite Liquid Dish Soap!

Small: 5" x 5"

Large: 8" x 8"

Care: Store in a way that allows for drying between uses. 

Contents: Set of two (2) sponges.