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wool dryer balls from Echoview Fiber Mill
wool dryer balls from Echoview Fiber Mill

Wool Dryer Ball

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Wool dryer balls offer a clean alternative to the scary ingredients in most dryer sheets. Ours are handmade in Echoview Fiber Mill’s Gold LEED Certified facility up the road in Weaverville, NC. 

Usually sold in sets of three, we offer them individually, so you can replace the one your dog destroyed or add to your collection as you go. Simply throw them in your dryer with each load of clean laundry to soften and fluff the contents. The opposing forces of the bouncing balls also increase airflow in the dryer drum, thereby reducing dryer times.

Use & Care Instructions: Add to the dryer with your laundry wet laundry. We're partial to our Rosemary Laundry Powder for washing, but maybe that's just us. Keep your dryer balls away from dirty surfaces (and dogs) so they won’t transfer dust or filth to your clean laundry. (We leave ours in the dryer all the time.) Most producers give their dryer balls a lifespan of 3-5 years, depending on frequency of use.

Priced & sold individually.

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