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A note about refill containers

An important note about containers and our refill station. We LOVE the creative reuse of bottles, jars, and vessels of all shapes and sizes that we've seen come through the shop to be used again and again. We want to stress, though, that these containers must be CLEAN & DRY. Yes, that applies to containers that are being refilled with the same product. We're operating a publicly interactive space and having to make judgement calls about whether or not a wet substance from unknown origin is trustworthy or not is not a place we want to be in - even outside of a pandemic. We sanitize surfaces regularly, but are requiring that our customers help us make this process safer for everyone. We are now disallowing containers to be used at our refill station if they don't meet the clean (no product residue inside or out) and dry (inside and out) requirements for participation.

If the container you'd like to refill has complicated mechanisms that don't make thorough cleaning feasible or convenient, you can always bring another jar or more straightforward vessel and do the transfer at home. This is also a great method for folks who want to minimize trips to public spaces or juggling multiple containers for each trip; bring a large jug (or similar) that fits 2+ refills of the container you use the product with at home (soap pumps, spray bottles, etc.), and you can refill multiple times without toting all of your vessels into Ware every time you want more.

Thank you, as always, for supporting us while we try our darnedest to keep our community safe (and producing lest waste).⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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