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Rosemary Laundry Powder; Ware Refill Route Asheville

Lighten the load (with rosemary laundry powder)


If you haven't tried our laundry detergent yet, bring your own container, and get yourself a scoop or two. Be warned: a little goes a long way. A single tablespoon covers your small-to-medium load needs. That’s because this potent stuff has no filler ingredients. Everything is active - even the rosemary essential oil, which breaks down bacteria and other odor-causing agents.

If you're still not convinced, you can always try a few tablespoons before committing to a larger vessel. Folks often leave with a sample size, and then we see them the next week with a much larger jar & a raving review. We've had customers tell us their family's laundry would go through multiple cycles before being clean (mostly stinky athletic wear). Enter this powdered detergent and only once cycle was needed. And they were even cleaner than the three cycles of with other detergents (their words).
Another feature of more concentrated products is that transporting them takes less fuel. This is why it’s a sustainable choice to swap liquids for solids and powders, particularly when the product is traveling a significant distance to get to you. Our detergent is only coming from Brevard (45 min away, depending on the disaster that is I-26). 

Oh, and we added it to the site, so you can order samples and larger quantities to be shipped to you (or locally delivered) in compostable paper bags.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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