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Rockwell Safety Razor; Ware Refill Route Asheville

A Clean, Close & Safe Shave

 You guys are great about letting us know what you want, which is why we brought safety razors into the shop many months ago. Plastic-free and minimally waste-producing, these are are great way to cut out a major plastic culprit in the bathroom. No more plastic razors or razor heads. Just metal. We even have little metal razor banks where you can tuck your double-edge blades when they loose their sharp.

These razors are yet another example of reviving the old way of doing things, before convenience and plastic were King & Queen, in order to update for an increasingly sustainable lifestyle.
Before making the switch, I had doubts about how "safe" these razors were in practice. I will now shout from the rooftops that my decidedly unbloody (and unhairy) underarms are pleased with the swap. I have read articles arguing that a single blade is better for defending against ingrown hairs, because multiple blades tend to drag residue into the the hair follicles as they follow the initial blade across the skin. I can see how that might be the case. This single blade provides a very close, clean shave and the rounded top of the razor keeps it angled so that it's nearly impossible to cut the skin. It gets my vote.

That's not to say there will be no learning curve. Some find the mechanics of a razor head that doesn't swivel to be a bit of a stumbling block. My advice: start slow and steady. No need to go for speed the first time you take a new razor to your skin. 

One common question we get is if the used razors are themselves recyclable. Sadly, they are not. While the material, being metal, is theoretically possible to recycle, the process of recycling has more requirements than that. For instance, safety is a huge concern. Because the vast majority of recycling sorting is done by human hands, there aren't currently systems in places to protect those humans from things like razor blades. So, for now, the system as follows: collect as many in a bank (or other container) as possible. When you've got a good collection, grab some newspaper or, better yet, paper-like material that can't be recycled anyway and wrap the blades in a tight bundle. Secure such with tape or similar. Toss in the trash. Yes, it's a bummer that they're still trash, but they are so much less trash than the plastic razor heads of common use. We're about progress, because perfection is rarely an option.

Happy shaving! If you're into that kinda thing.

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