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What is a refill station?

What is a refill station?

If "refill shop" isn't in your repertoire, then chances are, neither is "refill station." And that understandable, since they're not the most mainstream of concepts - yet. 

A refill station is a designated place that allows someone to refill existing containers. This could apply to skincare, cleaning products, hair care, or a wide range of food and beverages. In Ware's case, it refers to the long bar running the length of our store that is stocked with bulk jugs and dispensers of body and home care products. We sell everything from shampoo and conditioner to laundry detergent. You can buy the packaged product from us, use it up, and bring it back (empty, clean, and dry) to refill in our shop! If you already have a container, you're always welcome to bring your own vessel (empty, clean, and dry) to refill instead. In fact, we prefer it. We also offer an array of cleaned and delabeled jars brought in by our community to contribute to the Jar Exchange. Those are, of course, free for the taking!

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