Rosemary Laundry Powder

Rosemary Laundry Powder

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No creepy chemicals or synthetic fragrances here! In fact, even the rosemary essential oil is an active ingredient, as it freshens by killing bacteria in funky clothes rather than covering up the smells.

Made in small batches in Brevard, NC, this detergent is compatible with both HE washing units and septic systems. 

Use Instructions: Add 1 tbsp for a light load or 2 tbsp for a larger, dirtier load such as cleaning rags or work clothes. HE and standard machine compatible. Wash clothing etc. as you normally would and line dry when possible—major source of energy savings!

    Contents: 16 oz (by weight)

    • placed in a recyclable paper pouch for safe shipping

    Want to try the laundry powder? Select "Sample" for 3 tablespoons placed in a recyclable paper pouch

    IngredientsSodium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Tetraborate, Cold Pressed Soap, Pure Rosemary Essential Oil

    Note: measuring scoop not included 

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