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Toilet Bowl Sparkle Cleaner

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$17.60 - $18.00
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Give your throne a hardy clean with Toilet Bowl Sparkle! New to Ware, this minty fresh cleaning gel comes from our friends down the road who make our beloved Laundry Powder and Dishwasher Detergent

Ingredients: Organic soap nuts, citric acid, sodium tetraborate, xanthan gum, pure spearmint essential oil

Directions: Gently shake bottle, squeeze gel in upper rim of toilet, scrub intensely, and flush away! 

Contents: 16 oz. cleaning gel bottle in a plastic bottle intended to be reused* and refilled in our Refill Station

*If you don't need to refill your container, you're welcome to bring your uncompromised (not broken) and thoroughly cleaned and dried containers back to us to return for reuse by the maker.