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Round Organic Cotton Hair Ties

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NEW from Kooshoo! A hair tie like many of us are used to from childhood, but made totally from plants like their original Flat Hair Ties. In both standard & minis (for those half ponies, tying off braids, etc.).

These are strong enough to hold a bun, top-knot, or ponytail all day long, yet soft enough to cause no creasing or hair tie headaches. 

These hair ties are made in a Fair Trade certified social-good garment facility in Southern India. The facility is owned and operated by nuns and profits are used to fund a cancer treatment facility for those without access to care.   

Materials: 59% GOTS certified organic cotton, 41% natural rubber; hand-dyed using GOTS and OEKO-TEX dyes

Care: Wash cold with like colors; lay flat to dry. Keep in mind these are hand-dyed and may run the first wash. 

Standard: 8 hair ties

Mini: 12 hair ties

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