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  • Switching Over to A Plastic-Free Oral Care Routine
    February 3, 2022

    Switching Over to A Plastic-Free Oral Care Routine

    From plastic electric toothbrush heads to disposable plastic flossers and toothpaste tubes, the average oral hygiene routine can end up producing more waste than we realize. Luckily, there are plenty of plastic-free alternatives on the market today, so making your oral care more...

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  • The Best Natural Oils for Your Skin
    January 28, 2022

    The Best Natural Oils for Your Skin

    To Be Frank…It’s Complicated Skincare is a vast and varied subject that deserves nuance in its consideration. Every human biome is different and therefore interacts uniquely with any given substance. When we discuss the additional layer of natural oils from...

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  • What the F*ck is Silicone and is it Really Eco-Friendly?
    January 18, 2022

    What the F*ck is Silicone and is it Really Eco-Friendly?

    Disclaimer: Researching the industrial production of silicone products is *very* difficult. The process of creating the substance is rather intense and science-y (technical term), but it also seems to be rather proprietary for each manufacturer. This article consists of conclusions...

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  • The Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide
    December 16, 2021

    The Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide

    We've all been there... It's the week before Christmas. You're in a serious time crunch. There are still a few people left to get gifts for, but you have no idea what to get any of them! We empathize. To...

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    July 20, 2021

    Robbing Our Own Cradle

    I’d like to talk about a system of material production called “cradle-to-cradle”. The term was defined by Bill McDonough and Michael Braungart, an architect and a chemist respectively, in their aptly named book, “Cradle to Cradle”. I’ll explain their industrial proposal and give a nod to a few North Carolina businesses who are already moving in the right direction.
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  • Rockwell Safety Razor; Ware Refill Route Asheville
    July 9, 2021

    A Clean, Close & Safe Shave

    You guys are great about letting us know what you want, which is why we brought safety razors into the shop many months ago. Plastic-free and minimally waste-producing, these are are great way to cut out a major plastic culprit in the bathroom. 
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  • Ware We Eat in Asheville, NC
    June 15, 2021

    Ware We Eat Our Veggies

    The most common question we get in Ware: “Where should we eat in Asheville?” Well, folks, here are our top pics. On average, our staff doesn’t eat much meat, so we structured the list with that in mind.P.S. Favorite food...

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