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The Shampoo Bar Storage Solution

The Shampoo Bar Storage Solution

Dip Shampoo & Conditioner Bars on Black Draining Dishes

The KEY to long-lasting shampoo and condition bars is keeping them dry when you're not using them, which can be difficult when there's water splashing about your shower. With all of the different potential shower configurations, figuring out the best solution for each person has historically been something of a trial-and-error situation. NO LONGER.

We've found the ultimate system for keeping your shampoo & conditioner bars from sitting in water from where your shower stream hits/splashes! If you've got the surface space, the draining dishes alone (above) will make sure no water rests around your bars, letting them drip any excess water that does get splashed their way.

No surface space for dishes to rest, or just want to keep those spaces clear? The wall adapter (below) allows you to conveniently (and confidently) hang the draining dishes wherever is most suitable in your shower! Unlike most suction devices, you actually install this one by twisting that center circle, creating an extremely tight seal. No falling dishes and bars here!

Dip Wall Mount with Sunset Draining Dishes

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